Find a Custom Shed Builder in Grant, Comstock Park & Grand Rapids, MI

Rustic Builds constructs solid storage buildings

Is your garage so cluttered with tools and materials that you can't fit your car inside? It sounds like you need to rethink your storage options. Rustic Builds LLC of Grant, Comstock Park & Grand Rapids, MI can create a custom storage building to reduce the clutter in your garage.

Your custom storage building will be...

  1. Made from locally sourced materials
  2. Customized to meet your needs
  3. Assembled on-site

Ready to start working with a skilled shed builder? Call 616-706-6642 now to speak with Scott Moore, the owner and operator of Rustic Builds.

Need something other than additional storage space?

You could still benefit from hiring a shed builder in Grant, Comstock Park & Grand Rapids, MI. We can build a structure that you can use to...

  • Work from home without being disturbed
  • Enjoy your hobbies without making a mess in the house
  • Spend the night on your property without trekking back to the main house

We've made it easy to share your specifications with a local builder - simply fill out the form on the Contact page to get started.